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The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

M.K. Clinton

About me

Hi everyone and welcome to The Four – Legged Friends website. If you need anything for your pet friend you are on the right place. Here we will share some great advices for :

Traveling with dogs,
Dog behaviour,
Dog accessories,
Training for dogs,
Dog food,…
In short everything that is related with dogs.

I really love dogs. I have one at home. Her name is Porcha and I adopted her becouse she was born with some illness, and she is blind to one eye. But she is my everything and I would never change her.

I really want the best for my dog, and I think that so do you. Here we will spread good energy and no hate. In posts I will put my personal opinion and products that I use for my dog. And I will be so pleased if you live some comments and share your opinion.

I would like that we become a big great community. I will teach you how you raise a puppy and how you learn an old dog something. They are our best friends and they deserve only the best.

I love dogs since I know myself, when I was little we were living in a residential building and my parents didn’t let me have any pets. I was so angry, but nowadays I understand why my mum didn’t let me have a dog.

While growing up I met my future husband, and at first I didn’t believe but his mum is owning a dog shelter. That was my dream. I love dogs. When I first came at his home I was in my dreams, they had 3 or 4 dogs I don’t remember.

While we were together for years we decided that we are enough grown up for owning most beautiful living thing. So I remember like it was yesterday, my partners mom came home from business trip in Croatia, and she is caring the most beautiful little black, blind puppy. We fall in love at first sight.

That night we took her to the bad with us and we were so happy and in love. I was thinking my dreams came true I’m a mum to the sweetest little puppy in the world. And so the few months passed, and my partner mum said that somebody want to adopt Porcha.

We were so pissed, becouse she need to go. So it was summer in July we went on a holiday in Croatia for two weeks. While we were enjoying ourselves and thinking that our Porcha is at home and waiting for us, she were already at new home.

When we came home we were so angry, but in a few months man who adopted her decided that he doesn’t want her. So he call my partner mum and said that we can pick her up in a few days. We immediately went to pick her. I can’t describe how was we and her, both happy, she was so happy that she peeling herself.

And now 2 years later she is the most happy dog in the world. But in the same time we are the most happy owners of her.

I’m going to post lot of good and useful advices. I’m going to offer some of the best and most quality products. My intention is that if you don’t know what you need to go to the plane with your dog, you come to my site and you will find it, or if you need some good food, or some good toys,

I will try my best. As I say I don’t want any hate just great vibes and good comments and some quality posts and good pictures. I really know a lot of dogs and cats also. I learned through my partners mum, I volunteer in the shelter and I love it.

We can also share some funny moments with our four – legged friends, we will also discuss why some people are rude with animals. I hate those people.

As I say if you need anything for your pet friend, even it’s a parrot or a hamster, you just comment down below that you want some post with that material and I will help you.

If you are still here I’m so happy, first I’m sorry if there is some mistakes in the writing, but this is my first post and I’m from Slovenia so we don’t speak English at all even in school.

If you have any questions leave it down below and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

I’m so happy that I really write my first post and I will be so happy if you comment what you think.

We will see you next time, on my new post,


Founder of The Four – Legged Friends


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