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photo 1516386408840 d718a820a05cI'm so upset when I hear someone say something like "My dog smells so bad and I'm showering him every day or every second day." And I'm like what ? What are you talking about. So here I am to tell you what's right and what's wrong. I know that many of my readers are kinda new to this area and are not familiar to things like that. 

First I can tell you that you can shower your dog two to three times per year with shampoons. I exclude all situations when your dog have some problems with skin or fur and you get specific instructions for washing your dog more times with some specific shampoo from your veterinarian. And also it's different story if you wash your dog only with water.

A lot of people don't understand that dogs have their own smell and that they can't smell like flowers. 

Here are some examples why you can not showering your dog every two weeks or anytime you want... with SHAMPOO :

1. You can destroy their skin or even fur

2. It can be really stressful for them

3. It's not normal, because they clean themselves

4. They need to smell like dogs not like lavender

And also one good example is Čačka (one of our dogs), she has big problems with fur. And every time we wash her, she search something that she can get rid of shampoo smell. And it's funny if we go out she immediately go under the car and she drag herself into the car, because she wanna get her smell back. 

For example during the summer time, if you dog goes everyday to the sea you must shower him but only with water. They cannot be salty, because imagine how you feel if you don't shower after swimming in the sea.

As I always say that dogs and any animals are like humans. It's not always like that. 

I know that nowadays it's so many different sprays and stuff like that for killing the smell of dog. But I always say if you are a real dog lover you will not doing this stupid things, if you understand little of animal world. 

pexels photo 1436139Also it's very important how you shower your dog with or without shampoo. You need to careful that the water it's not too hot or cold (but if it's cold it's not that big problem, some dogs love to swim in the winter too, so if you have the chance use lukewarm water). Second thing you need to careful it's their had and ears. You can't shower their ears with water, this is really wrong. 

You need to be even more careful when it comes to showering your dogs head with shampoo. I can just say don't do it. I prefer shower Porcha's body and then I use wet towel and I wash her face and ears.

There are so many examples when people don't think and then they do more harm than good.

If you don't know how to do it I will now write the process and if you follow it you can not do anything wrong.

Here you have everything, step by step :

photo 1554245471 0dbe45bebbd2Step 1. Make sure that the water is right temperature.

Step 2. Prepare everything, from towels to shampoos, comb.

Step 3. Take your dog and put him under the shower (when the water is closed).

Step 4. Slowly open the water, so they can not get scared.

Step 5. First wash them with water.

Step 6. When they are wet, use the shampoo (not to much) and wash only their bodies (during this step close the water, we are saving our planet)

Step 7. Open the water again and make sure that you wash off all the shampoo, if you will forget to wash everything off, it will make them itchy.

Step 8. Then close the water again, but first get wet the towel and slowly wash their face and ears

Step 9. When you are done with all this steps, take the dry towel and wipe them off. If your dog is not scared of hair dryer you can use it for drying them but you need to careful that it's not too hot air, use the coolest option.

Also you need to very careful dry their paws, because they can slip on the tiles and they can hurt themselves.

If you follow this step by step, you cannot do anything wrong.

And you can also repeat this from two to three times per year, with shampoo. And if you shower your dog only with water you can also go step by step but you miss out the step with shampoo.

photo 1551902750 25d3d9c48dfeIn my opinion use some eco shampoos with no added smells and stuff like that. It can be little expensive, but you can not save money on your dog. And also if you shower your dog two times per year, you can have one shampoo for years.

And if you have chance and you live somewhere and you don't have winter and you have some clear river you can shower your dog there. Because I know some examples when dog loves to swim in the sea or in the river, but when it's time to go under the shower, it's simply not that time because he is scared and he became aggressive.

Also is good if you don't live in the block and you have house and you have fresh water in front of the house just shower them outside. It will be less stressful for your dog and in the and also for you too. You will not have to clean your bathroom.

I hope that I helped you with this article.

If you follow step by step how to shower your dog, you cannot miss anything.

dog wash 4125187 960 720And I will say again, don't try to get rid of your dog smell, you need to except that and live with that smell. And also don't forget how many times you can shower your dog.

Use eco friendly products with nothing added.

I will be back with more content soon.

Bye, bye till next article.




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