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It's Monday almost 9 p.m. o'clock and I'm finally at home, laying in my bad and writing this article. Today was very interesting and hard day. I decide to write whole post about today because this Monday was very different than other days when we are doing the same things from morning to evening.

Start of the day

We woke up around 7 a.m. and like every other day ate breakfast and then I took Porcha out to the morning walk. Then around 8 o'clock Anej went to work but just for 10 minutes because at 9 a.m. he had to go to the court, because he was witness for his mom. They wrongly charged her of stooling one deer three years ago, but this is really story for another time because it's so funny how can everything work like you want if you have money. 

During the waiting Anej to finish I start cleaning our car because we had still stuff from vacation. When it's summer I prefer that it's Porcha on the back sits, because the air conditioning it does not come into the trunk, but when it's not summer then I put cage in the trunk because I think it's more safe for her. So I did this and then we went to pick up Anej. He didn't go back to work he get one free day. 

Then everything was okay, just normal day until 16 o'clock when we went out for the first time that Porcha can run and enjoy her self because at 18 o'clock we need to take her tot he vet. And my poor baby is so scared of veterinarian that you cannot imagine.

Visit veterinarian 

So she was order for ultrasound because the last couple weeks she vomit a lot and she wasn't pooping right and we were scared that something it's wrong. So we went to our vet and first they shave her belly she was shaking and crying like somebody was cutting her with a knife. And then they looked if they can found something but everything was okay, Thank to God. I couldn't take any pictures because she was shaking so hard that Anej was holding her for back legs and I was holding her for front legs. 

But this very friendly vet told us that in the ultrasound didn't show anything but we need to do some more researches. So in the following days we need to take samples of her poop and then we need to take also her blood and we need to send it, so we will be sure that everything was okay. I will update you how this is going. 

And also we were very happy because at first they told us that this is very expensive and that it will cost us around 100 - 120 $ but than we only pay 20 $, isn't that funny when you are waiting for the bill and than they surprised you with only 20 $. And of course because she is our baby and we spoiled her as much as we can, we took her into animal store and we buy there toys for her.

On what diet she is ?

And yes I almost forget to mention that Porcha is on mono - protein diet,  she is getting probiotics and also some pills I don't know the name but something for her stomach, we practice this for one week and we need to do this for next 5 weeks. This mono - protein diet means that she is getting just one protein, like we choose for her rabbit and we mixed the briquettes and wet food and must be specifically rabbit. It's really hard because she cannot eat nothing and we must be very carefully.

I hope that this will help because she doesn't like this food, I will write separate article about food that I prefer for eating. But you must know that Porcha lives with 6 other dogs and they eat cocked chicken and rise and she can't. You can read their stories here

And than if I get back on our busy Monday, after we went to animal store and we spend around 50 $ because the ultrasound was so cheap we went to the Mc Donalds. And after we ate I looked at Anej I told him that we need to take her out again with her's friends. I will also for this wrote another article, here where I live there is one big lawn and every evening there are people who have dogs and we are talking the dogs are playing and it's so fun. One day I will film whole "trip" and you will see how dogs enjoy when they have company and also we because we are talking.

So we were at Triban (this is this lawn) for like two hours and then we went back home. Like it wasn't enough the vet and all this stress for her, we wash her because she was really really dirty. You can read how I wash my dog here. And you must know that she really hates showering. 

But we must did it and now after she ate she is laying right here next to me she is under the blanket and she is sleeping so tight. And I'm so happy that she was really good girl today at the vet that I'm really proud of her. 

Just one thing is that I care about it's her health. I must to be sure that she is alright and that she can get back to the normal food, because really don't like rabbit. 


This isn't one of this articles that you can learn something about it, but it's just one day of me and my dog Porcha. I hope you enjoy reading it and if you did let me know in the comment section. I really like to write this kind of articles because this is my life and I love to share my life and my funny stories. I also have a YT channel if you don't know yet, you can check it out.

Hope you like it and just in this post I mentioned three times I think that I will write some topics in another posts so be prepared.

Bye, bye till next article.


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