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So back in the year of 2017, Andrea received a call from Montenegro that one puppy was shoot several times and that they don't know if he will survive. So we immediately organize transport from Montenegro to Slovenia.

When he first came he was at the Anima hospital in Postojna for about one week or maybe more. Then he came to our house. First time when he got into the house and I saw him I was shocked. He was all bandaged with gauze from surgery that he had. It was so scary to see.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while since I write my last post but now I’m back with so much content and ideas that it’s going to be crazy. So today we are going to talk about dog and epilepsy. I will write something in general and also from my experience, because if your don’t know my mother-in-law has a dog shelter and she has a dog, his name is Filip with epilepsy.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my website The Four Legged Friends. Today it’s Friday isn’t this great ? We are going to talk about facts about the dogs.

I will write about facts that are interesting and funny to me. I will link these facts with my dog Porcha of course. If you are new to my website, Porcha is my dog and she is blind to one eye. We adopted her but this is a long story

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