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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while since I write my last post but now I’m back with so much content and ideas that it’s going to be crazy. So today we are going to talk about dog and epilepsy. I will write something in general and also from my experience, because if your don’t know my mother-in-law has a dog shelter and she has a dog, his name is Filip with epilepsy.

You can also read about my family of seven. They were all orphans and they are all a little bit sick or they have some disability and they are ours now.

So my story starts about one and a half year ago. Me and my boyfriend were at home when his mom came and bring this little fluffy white dogy. I remember like it was yesterday he was smelled like sheep. So she told us that some disgusting people throw him at the trash can. Just because he had some attacks. Nobody knows what kind of attacks. We were all startled… but a little bit more about Filip later. Just keep reading.


What to do when a dog has an attack ?

So I will write all about from my experience with Filip. He was I don’t know maybe one or two months old when he came to house. We really don’t knows what to do but he was just shaking and the slim walked out of his mouth. We were all shock. Because when he came the first three days he had like seventeen attacks in one day.

We were all so sad because watching that little baby how he suffered was so heart breaking. So my mother-in-law was just holding him in her hands and she waited to calm down. It was so hard because Andrea was three days just sitting in the sofa and holding him.

While he was growing to I don’t know exactly eight to teen months he was just shaking. And then we saw that when he is happy or when something get’s him mad, he immediately goes into attack. So we were so carefully that he was not so happy and at the same time that he was not so mad.

It was really hard. So I just recommend that if your has a dog with epilepsy your just hold them in your hands if they are small and wait to stop. Until you found something like we did. Just keep reading..


Which medications prevent the attack ?

So we tried and lot of medications, we went to animal hospital here in Slovenia and we also went in Italy… but nothing was so good as CBC resin. So many doctors we visit and nobody helps us right.

They have prescribed so many different medicines, but nothing helped. For almost a year every time when we went out he was so excited and he got an attack. But then we found CBC resin.

And in the start we gave this to him only when he has a really strong attacks.. it could have lasted I don’t know for one to two hours. So when this happened, we gave to him this resin. And he was slowly calming down and fell asleep.

But when we figure out that we can give this to him also twenty minutes before we went out it was so good because he was so calm and from day to day it was better.

But read till the end so you see what medicines we give him today that he has one or maybe two little attacks in a month.

They told us that we need to euthanized him….
A lot of people told us that we torture him because he is so ill and he will dies before his 2 years old… and blablabla.. all I can say bulls*it… all of those people who told us that are idiots.

When I look back and think if was that worth it s many days in pain for him … all I can say yes it was ! Because nowadays he is so happy cute little dogy. He runs like an idiot when we are outside and he loves to play with a ball.

He has a little disability, like hi need’s to think before he jumps on the sofa or when he jumps out of a car.. he stops there for I don’t know ten or fifteen seconds and thinks how he will jump. But he is small like your see it on the pictures and we grab him and we put him on the floor on the sofa.

I can not think that life just plays with him.. at the first somebody put him in the trash can.. and we saved him and just because some people say that he is so godly we just put him in a sleep. NO ! Because he changes our life in a better way.

I always say every morning when you get up, just thanks god that your are alive and healthy. And since we have him, we can really appreciate much more that we are healthy and just alive.

Filip today…

So our cute little dogy is today so happy and he lives his best life. So you probably ask your self what we give him that he has no attacks. all of these medicines who did not help… we found that just one medicines a day of antidepressant help him that he is calm.

We saw so many differences, with these that I recommended to everyone who is lost with his dog and epilepsy… He really very rarely getting assaults that we almost forget that he is an epilepsy dog.

He is so charming and everybody who know him in real life say that he is really a dog with such an amazing character.

This kind of problems are not resolved from today on tomorrow, but your need to take time and has a lot of patience…
I’m so happy that I’m a part of that great story.. cuz every time I hear that kind of story it’s just melt my heart. I’m so happy that we held Filip and that he lives his best life.

So if your are still here I will be so happy if you leave some feedback down below in the comments. Share your opinion and share your stories, cuz it’s nice to hear if you help someone.

Thank you for reading.

Bye, bye till next article.


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