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Hello everyone and welcome back to my website The Four Legged Friends. Today it’s Friday isn’t this great ? We are going to talk about facts about the dogs.

I will write about facts that are interesting and funny to me. I will link these facts with my dog Porcha of course. If you are new to my website, Porcha is my dog and she is blind to one eye. We adopted her but this is a long story.

Please leave some comments down below, so I will know if I’m doing it right or not. Also, if you have any funny facts about your dog please let me know. I want that this website The Four Legged Friends become one great community with all the animal lovers.

You can also go check our my last blog about cameras that you leave at home when you are away and you can see what is your pet doing,

So I don’t know where can I begin because there are so many funny facts that it’s crazy. When you have seven dogs at home, and everybody are so different.


Our grandma, that’s how we call her.. Nana is almost 17 years old. And she is a little crazy on my mother-in-law (Andreja). So she is a big dog anD she has a little problem with her legs. And she doesn’t understand that she need to rest on the sofa.

When Andreja is cleaning or doing something around the house Nana is every time behind her. She is so annoying because Andreja can not do anything.

So every time Andrea leaves the house, she wait for her to come home. But the other six dogs are also waiting but in a different way than Nana did. Nana is one millimeter away from doors and she is so patience if she sound something in the staircase, she starts to bark every time.

And this is so annoying because if Andreja for some reasons left the house for one week, Nana will wait for her exactly like I describe. Hahaha and then when she hears that she is coming she goes crazy. Like this is unbelievable. You will need to see this to understand.

So Nana is in love with Andreja, she is her shadow.



Our Filip… he is an epilepsy dog, you can read about him, just click on the link. So he is also lover of Andreja. But he is so cute. And he I don’t know but every time when somebody come home or this is some outs friend our if we come home, he grabs something everything from a dog toy, to a towel and a piece of paper. And he comes very proud to show what he has.

But this is sometimes so funny because he is not ready that somebody will come, and then he is in panic and he goes crazy around the house and he is looking for something that he can show.

And another funny thing is that when he has something in his mouth to show he walks like a gentleman sow proud of his self and like haa nobody can’t hurt me or something like that I don’t know what he is thought in his little head.



Another funny fact of Filip… hahah so Filip is so over protective about his toys. I hope I will find some pictures of him, when he was sleeping with his toy in his mouth.

And also sometimes Filip grad one briquette in his mouth and he protected this one briquette. I really don’t know what he is doing this. But it’s so funny. So many times when we give them treats, we need one treat for Filip to put in a million pieces.

Because if we don’t do that, he will protect his treat for a whole day. And funny is that he is barking at other dogs when they pass him.

So if you have any idea why he is doing this please let me know in the comment section down below.



So dogs of my boyfriend sister is also a little crazy. He is scared of everything, like in the living room they have flowers. And then we were at their house one time and he was on his sofa right next to flowers when suddenly a blossom felt down. And he was string there for one hour and he was looking what is wrong.

And then he has a few more stupid habit’s that he do. When it’s storm outside he wants to go under the bad, but he doesn’t understand that he is too big. Okay he goes under the bed barely, but when he decides to go back he is stuck.

And so on day was raining in the morning and probably he went under the bed then, and in the evening my boyfriend sister Maja came home and he was still under the bad stuck.

And then one day he decided that he won’t move his ass from bathroom. And he is all day in the bathroom. And he is just there siting and waiting till I don’t know when. Poor dog I really don’t know what is in his mind.



So here is our Kia. When she was little the car hit her and she doesn’t have back left leg. But now she is so afraid of cars that when we are outside and we are just minding our business and walking down the street. Kia is so patience when will some cars come.

And when a car or a motorbike came she goes crazy, and she starts barking and I don’t know why is she doing this but she wants to bite the car or the man in the motorbike.

So she need to be on the belt all the time. Because she is crazy and one day she scraped herself and she run for him. And thanks God that she saw that she now the driver and again thanks to God that she didn’t bite him.



Angelo, I write about him in the blog family of seven I mentioned the link up there. So he has such a string habit. Every time when we go our with the car he wants to be under the seat.

And you can put him in the trunk and he will somehow get under the seat. His name is Angelo his name means that he is an angel, but he is all before that. He should name him Djavolo which means a devil.

And also an interesting fact is that he is without first leg at all and halfback leg. But he is running like Jusein Bolt. You won’t believe till you see it. Here is a facebook video you will see the black one is my Porcha, the all white is Filip and the third one is Angelo.

Each one of them is especially strange, but in the end of the day they are all ours and we loved them so much…
So if you are still here I’m so happy, I hope you enjoy this six facts and maybe I will do part two.

Hope you laugh a little.

Bye, bye till next article.


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