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Every dog is different and every dog have their own habits. So today I'm going to write funny dog facts part 2, you can read part 1 right here. You may probably know or not, that I live with 8 dogs and only one Porcha is mine. The other 7 dogs are from my mother in law. And trust me all dogs are different and are very funny.


So Čačka is on of the oldest dogs, she has around 17 years. She is half blind and she don't hear very well, like you can scream her name when we are out so we can move forward and she will look around and she will acting like there is nothing. So she have one very bad habit and I really don't know how is this possible. So when my mother in law leave her at home for couple hours it's okay she don't bark or anything, she is just laying down in her bad sleeping. But when Andrea comes she starts to bark so loud that you cannot believe it. I really don't know how she can hear her car, because when you stand next to her and you call her she don't listen. This is unbelievable. She only hear her car and she is the first one which start barking, when Andrea don't even go out of the car, the moment when she drives it into the street.


Her personality is the same as you imagine one old lady which everything that you do go on her nerves. So when this younger dogs play she is barking all the time. I cannot believe this because I don't understand why. When two dogs for example Porcha and Filip are playing with one toy, she will came and she will sit right next to them and she will bark until they stop. I always say that Kia is the judge who wins the game. And this is so freaking annoying that you cannot believe. 


I can write one whole post about annoying and funny habits of Porcha and I will. Today I will tell you just one of them. So this habit include Kia. When we came down, Porcha runs into Kia's mouth, like really unbelievable. She goes to her and I don't know what she is doing if she is kissing her on if she subordinate to her life wolfs or what. And funny is because Kia letting in some really weird noises. 


Her name is Caffe but we call her Kofa, so she is completely new and now she is the youngest. She also had really bad life story and she is only 1 years old but I will write about her story one separate post. She is like Porcha and she has a lot of bad and funny habits. So one of her main habits is that when she is on the sofa with Andrea no one can even look at her or be on the sofa with them. And you will see in the pictures she is really small dog and I think that smaller they are, more aggressive and territorial they are. I hope I will find one picture of her when she is showing her teeth because It's so funny. 


Naja is the fattest dog in our family, she is so fat because of her illness. So imagine she is so fat that is she somehow fell on her back she cannot move. So one of her funny habits is when they are eating dinner she finish first and than she is walking around and she is starring in other dogs like give me your food I'm the main gangster here, hahaha we were laughing so hard when we imagine that she is saying this. And we need to close her in a separate room most of time because she don't let other dogs to eat their dinner and also funny is that she is a small dog. 

This are one of the habits of our dogs. As I mentioned early all dogs are different and they are like humans they have their own characters. Also it's so funny that they are teaching from each other. So I saw this because when one dog was laying down he had his paws crossed and he was spending a lot of time with Filip and now Filip when he is laying down he has his paws crossed the same. 

When you are living with a lot of different dogs you saw this kind of stuff, because if you have only one or maybe two dogs you don't see this. I'm sometimes just looking at them for minutes because for me it's interesting how are they acting in different situations and how are they learning from each others. 

I hope that you enjoy reading this kind of post because I love writing them. And also I hope that you laugh a little. 

When I will see that they have new habits I will write the part 3 of this post.

Bye, bye till next article. 


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