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So back in the year of 2017, Andrea received a call from Montenegro that one puppy was shoot several times and that they don't know if he will survive. So we immediately organize transport from Montenegro to Slovenia.

When he first came he was at the Anima hospital in Postojna for about one week or maybe more. Then he came to our house. First time when he got into the house and I saw him I was shocked. He was all bandaged with gauze from surgery that he had. It was so scary to see.

We found out that he was without one and a half leg. He lost his front leg and half of his back leg. We were so scared that he wouldn't make it. But you know what ? he did, because he is an hero.

He was shoot with a gun by the man who is director at Kennel Society in Montenegro. We were even more shocked. He was shoot by the man who teach his client how they need to treat their dogs. Like what kind of person is that if he can squeeze the gun several times to shoot this poor little puppy.

He shooted him just because he was barking in front of his house. But like common he is a baby and this is his way to speak, you don't need to shoot him. This man thought that Angelo didn't survived, but he did. 

This was first case in the Montenegro history that somebody shooted a dog. And YES this was the owner of Kennel Society. In what kind of World we live into ? How can somebody do this ? I will never understand this.

So when the day of this man court came, he was saying stuff like how can he be convicted if this dog is dead and stuff like that. He didn't know that he survived. We were so happy that in the end he paid for thing that he did. But I think that this is not enough. If someone can do this to little puppy, he can also do it to anybody else.

So let's get back to Angelo. When he first came we thought the he will need a fake plastic leg and maybe a stroller that will help him moving. But when the time goes by we saw that he is okay like that and if we will give something to him this will make it difficult for him to move in general. 

Today is Angelo one big, strong man who runs like crazy. Nobody believe us till they see him how fast can he run. Here is a little clip of him running with Porcha (the black one) and Filip (the white one). Even girls from Montenegro that contacted Andrea at the beginning, didn't believe that he is that fast. 

So there are maybe some people that will say you spend a lot of money and stuff like that, but hello his happiness is worth more that this money. And if you think like that you are not real animal lover. 

There is also one funny story about Angelo, his name has one mining and you probably know that Angelo means angel, but sometimes he don't listen anything and he is not good at all and then we call him Djavolo and this is the oposit of his real name (this means devil) but this is only for fun nothing personal or something like that. 

He is one of the most kind, gentle and good dogs. If you see him without these one and a half leg it seems very poor at the beginning but when you hear his story you know that he is an hero and that he deserve only the best.

But not only him, all animals in general deserve the best in the world.

Angelo has also some consequences, stuff like you can't come behind his back and pick him up because he get scared, if he is really scared of something he is yelling like crazy and it's really scary to hear this.

But you know what he is know happy because he know that he is loved and that nobody will hurt him. And it's priceless to see how is he grateful that we saved him and gave him the best life possible.

It's funny how he loves running and swimming and also to hunt flies during the summer.

Thanks God to people like Andrea which helped dogs with no hope in life. 

But you know what is the lesson of this story... if you want something you can do it. I don't wanna hear words like I can't or I don't know how to or stuff like that.. you can but you don't want to. Remember this sentence through the life. It really important. Not only for rescuing dogs but for everything.

He is our hero

So I hope that you enjoy reading this kind of stories. This is all real.

And that you know that there are some good people in this world.

Bye, bye till next article.


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