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Hello guys, I'm back and I'm sorry that I didn't upload any post for a while but I needed to take a break. But here I am back, fresh and with more and better content. Today we are going to talk about dog pooping bags. If you are not really sure what I mean, read forward.

Dog pooping bags : YES or NO ?

Now I will write when I prefer and think that it's good for having pooping bags and when it's not. 

So I'm this looking from my perspective and how I prefer with my dog Porcha. I usually take her out in nature and because of that I don't grab her poop with this bags but I leave it there because it's actually good for the ground. And I think that every person who have dog needs to think when he need pooping bag and when not.

When you took your dog somewhere where it's a lot of people like in the town or if your dog poops in the street where you live and there is a lot of houses than you must grab this poop. And I'm really allergic when people just walk by like nothing happen. And then someone who don't have any animal at all step into this poop. Or not just person with no animal but even I.

I will tell you one funny but really stupid case, one day one of our friends told us that he got a dog and that he went with him in the town and that this poop dog pooped in front of the cafe and because he was shamed because there was a lot of people he just walk by. Like what ? and I really hate this kind of people. If you don't have that much in your brain that you must know that your dog needs to sh*t when he goes out side, I really don't know why this guy even have a dog.

And sad is that because in this World there are more and more that kind of persons. But it really breaks my heart because of this dogs that are not treated okay.

So the point of the story is that if you are in nature don't use bags because there is so much plastic in this planet that you can leave this poop there, but if you are in the town or in the street than it's another story. GRAB YOUR DOG'S POOP, no matter what because you are the owner and you need to take care correctly for your dog.

If you have option choose organic bags


So nowadays we have everything you can imagine, for us and also for our fur babies. So please buy the organic pooping bags. In case that you need to grab this poop you use, the type of bag that will decompose faster and that will be better for our planet.

So also if you want to save some money you can order pooping bags from Amazon and I can tell you that are amazing. I'm using this for Porcha.

As I mentioned, you will see the price that is a little bit expensive but it's worth it. It's better that you spend more money on this things like bags than some other things that your dog doesn't really need.

I'm using bags for Porcha hardly ever because if it's possible I took her out in the nature every day and in the case that she poops on the street I grab it. And please do the same.

Because It's nothing wrong with your or your dog if he needs to poop in the middle of the commercial center. 

Also I forget to mention that if you see someone that don't grad their's dog poop, stop him and told him that this isn't right. Because if you decide that you wanna dog, you need to be prepared for everything. And I'm really pissed off when I see people that are not responsible. Please be better if you are one of this kind of people.

And one thing is that I see some people doing is they get in awkward situation like our friend that I mention up there.. so imagine you are in front of the full cafeteria and your dog starts pooping and because you are embarrassed you start pulling your dog and he starts walking and pooping or he stop pooping. So in this situation stop and wait till the end, please do not pull him and stuff like that because I swear I will come to your home and I will pull you while you will sh*t.

Please respect your dog no matter what he is doing and if you decide for getting a dog please take care of him correctly. 

So I will now change a topic a little bit, so if you think that your dog poops somewhere in nature and that you leave this poop there this is also good for grounding as I mention before and also this is kind of fertilizer for nature, which is amazing. 

If I sum up today's article it's a lot of poop hahaha but you know what I really want to be real and I don't want to cover anything.

Porcha's health update

So my dog Porcha was a little bit ill I wrote the whole article about this and than I wrote an update in the end of this post, so now she is okay, she don't throw up anymore, But we have other problems like she scratches all the time and we don't know what to do. We changed her food multiple times and also we are checking her every day if she have fleas. So please if you have any solution or something that you think what can be wrong with her, please leave a comment down below. I will be so grateful.

I really hope that you enjoy reading this post, because I was really enjoying it writing.

If you have any questions please leave the comment.

Don't forget to check out organic poop bags from Amazon, because it's really great offer.

Bye, bye till next article.


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