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Hello, I’m back with another post about Dog Training With The Treats. I come up with this idea because I have a dog and when she was smaller she didn’t listen to anything. And if I go back I remember that I did a lot of research about dogs and how you need to Training with them. And how important are some words that you use and treats that you give to them. So I decided to write a little bit about these themes because a lot of people spend so much money on training s, but they don’t aware that they could do this alone at home and not waste that much money. You just need a little free time, I don’t know about one to two hours per day, for about two to three months when they are still puppies. We will discuss about important steps that you need to do when you have puppy and what mistakes you cannot afford it. But most people do exactly these mistakes.


First step that you need to take, is that you need to learn your dog things and different trick when they are smaller, babies, puppies, because you will achive more and you will spend less time and nerves. For example you need to teach your child how to speak, walk, seat and so many other things when they were little, because what you teach them when they are small they will know that also when they become big. And this is the same with your dog. When they are small you can teach them a lot more things, and one of the most important thing is that you need to learn them how to walk them on a leash. Huge mistake that most people did is that they use more word for one thing. For example when you teach your puppy that he need to go to his space, it’s important that you use one word for his space not a thousands words like space, or down or go leaning. This is wrong ! You just need to remind, when you teach them what they need to do you just need to use one word for one thing that he need to do, because if you don’t they will get confused and they will not listen.


You need to know that if your dog did something, even if it’s just to settle down i’t so important that you reward him. Because he will slowly begin to understand that if he is doing something right he will get a treat. So don’t forget even if there is a small thing that he is doing it right, you reward him. If you do not repeat it, the dog will get used to it, and he will not want to listen to you anymore. When you teach him, you must be careful that you are not yelling of him or not to swing his hands. For example, I noticed that if I tell my dog with calm and nice voice that she need to come to me of the road and that she need to sit in front of me, she will come sooner as if I yell at her and pointed to her site all force. And important is that if she come to me I immediately need to say to her that she is good. Some people are not aware of the importance of praise. And I will repeat this throughout my article on several occasions.


In addition to compliments, there is also a very important kind of treat. Almost every single person in this world did the mistake when they give them thousands different treats. You need to know that is so important that you have one treat that you give your dog for reward. Because he will get used to it and he will more listen and be more good. Because he will know that if he will do this and that trick and be good he’ll get this hardly expected treat. It is important that you choose something that your dog loves, for example : 

  • hot dogs
  • favorite briquettes
  • fish meet
  • chicken meet
  • or just his or her favorite toy

But you must know if you choose the quieter from the above, you have to use it only as a reward. For example, if you choose to give him briquettes as a reward, it means that for his meal you will use other briquettes. Or if you choose hot dogs for reward, you can only use it for this.


Example – you walk around a place where there are many people and your dog is on the leash, but it barks on everyone passing by. First you try to stop him and tell him that’s not right. Then if he listens to you, you take his attention with the treats, and you must not forget the praise and the word GOOD. Example – you are in front of your house and you are playing with him, you are throwing him ball. He is very happy and gets on the road, you see that the car is going and you start to spit back. But he does not listen … why? Did you forget? you can never spit on him, he will always listen to you if you will tell him with a normal voice to come to you and sit down. 
Example – you have a dog that barks a lot. You live in a dwelling house where there are more people. Usually, there is a tired neighbor who is always angry when your dog is barking. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to detract from it ? You must know that you have to take his attention. You can do this in many ways. You begin to play with him, to start giving television more accentuated, or start typing some tricks with treats. You must remember that his attention is important!


I hope that I really help you with this article and if you have any question leave it in the comment section down below and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Bye, bye till next article.


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