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Today I wanna discussing about one topic that most people don't even think of. I wanna write a few words about how important is dog trust. If you don't know what I mean, dogs and any animal in general can't talk we are here for them so they need to trust us. In this planet are so many rude people which hurting animals on a day to day bases. I don't know what type of person do you need to be that you can do anything to your dog or any animal in general.

Once we lost it, it's hard to get it back.

As I mentioned in my last articles, my mother in law Andreja owns an animal shelter. So this means that I see so many dogs everyday that are scared of their own shadow, because of people. And if you don't know but here at our house I live with 7 dogs, click here and read their stories. At first when they came (almost everyone) were scared of people. All of them have very hard stories. But thanks God to Andreja, that she give a chance to dogs which are disabled or have some other problems, to live their best life.

But I wanna say that if dog once lost trust in people it's very hard to get this back. But I know that if you have hope, patience and love you can achieve anything. I always look and think that dogs are like humans. Why you as a person can do something, I don't know for example you can talk a lot if you want, so why dog can't bark when he wants, this is his way to speak. But I think that nowadays is more and more lack of patience.

I know that many people in the World don't even know how is with dogs in poor countries. One good example is Angelo, I will write his story separately and I will give some pictures when he came from the surgery. But I wanna to tell you that he was shot and he is without legs, but here (he is one of our seven dogs) he lives his best life. He was shot in Montenegro by one man that is director of dog Kennel society, like what you teach your client how they need to treat their dogs and then you shot with a gun one dog ? Like what ? I can't even imagine what kinda of person is that. But Angelo isn't afraid anymore, because he knows that here is safe and that nobody will hurt him.

How much is important dog trust ?

Important is that you know that dog trust is everything. They say that dog is mirror of his owner. For example our Porcha, when she was 2 month old one man adopted her and then in a few month he called Andreja that he can't have her anymore. When we went to pick her, this man told us that when he wasn't at home he locked her in the bathroom... we were shocked. When we came home and few weeks went by we saw that she is scared of mans and she was so afraid when someone raised hand above her. So that means that this man was hitting her. And she don't trust anyone, except people that she knows. 

So you need to be careful when you are dealing with dog that have this problems. Important is that you don't lost your mind if he doesn't listen to or if he is afraid to get to you when you call him. Behind this is some seriously problem and if you don't know how to deal with it, search for some professional help. Because if you don't know what are you doing you can do more bad than good. 

But I think that you need to show your dog that he is safe and that he is loved and in the end that everything will be okay and that he will live his best life. In previous article I describe more about one dog, her name is Princess and she don't trust people at all, you can read more about here. Important is that if your dog is afraid of plastic bags for some reason, because maybe his previous owner was scaring him with it. Do your best and don't use plastic bags because if he will see this bag he will remember how it was and he will get scared. 

Keep it in your head one wrong move and you can destroy everything you build. And also important is that only one person is in close connection with this dog. I can only say that it's the same with us, humans but we can talk we can run away we can do everything. Animals can't. 

Don't get scared to adopt this kind of dog, you will safe one life and it's better that you need maybe one year or maybe  less to make dog normal again and to get his trust back. I will never understand why are some people sacred of adopting, why do you need to give money if you can take it for free and you will do better job ? 

Some thing are so simple but for someone hard to understand. If you will go to some poor countries you will se dog orphans on the street and if you have little effort and option to adopt the dog, adopt him. It's not everything like you see on TV or in FB or in any other social media. I'm writing this article and I'm laying on the sofa and next to me is Kofa, she came from I think Montenegro with broken legs, because someone did broke her legs, but she is okay now and she is such a sweat heart. She is not afraid of people anymore because she know that she is safe and loved

I know that sometimes I repeat myself, but what I can do if so many people think different and think that some things are normal. I will never understand this. And if someone just says it again that you can not get your dog trust back, I got so many proofs that you can.

Make this world better not worse.

Spread love and kindness, it costs you nothing. Trust me.

And always remember if you will buy a dog, you will leave three dogs on a street hungry.

Bye, bye till next article.


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