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So hello guys, here I am back with one very important and requested article about potty training your puppy. If you are a puppy owner or if you are interested into getting one I'm recommending to you that you read further or if you have an adult dog than you can skip this article or you can also read it for fun.

You must know that everything is step by step, nothing can happen from today to tomorrow. I will describe things that were working with me, so you must know that there are so many different advices that you can hear. Because every dog is different and with time you will see what works with your furry best friend.

So let's start, first I will describe things that you can do at home and then things that you do outside.


At home :


- when you first get a puppy I'm recommending to you fence one part of the house. With this you will have less problems with training your dog at pee pads, he will feel more secure and I think it's better in general because of his security

- please don't do this mistake that most people do. If your puppy for some reason poop or pee to the floor, don't get mad and punish him, he will think that he is doing wrong. But he is not, think like if you have a baby they don't know what is right and what is wrong. You can told him that this isn't good and that's it. And yes you can talk to your dog, trust me they understand more than we think and they are smarter than most people.

-buy some pee pads, I will link the the best ones that you can order it from Amazon, this is #musthave when you have a puppy

- be patience and use treats. Every time you see your puppy peeing or pooping to this pee pad, you must reward him with a treat and tell him that he is a good boy, or if you have a girl that she is a good girl. This is very important and please don't forget this

- at first you can cover whole floor of this fence part of the house and then slowly you can remove one by one. He will understand that he needs to pee on the pad. But don'e expect this in one or two days, they need to time. You will see how slow or fast will he understand and then you can regulate on your own if you will remove three pads or one by one.

So this are the thing that you can do at your home, I can only say that please don't forget treats, rewarding and be patience.

Then there are some tricks that you can use for your puppy, that he will understand that he must go peeing and pooping outside.


Outside :


- you must know that at the beginning, you will need to take out your puppy as mush as possible for five to ten minutes not more, haha then you can be your whole day outside. More you will take him out, less you will have to deal with all this training at home.

- first you need to know that they don't know why are they going out. 

- you probably know that if you have a puppy, he needs to eat more than one time per day, I will write whole article about this topic other time. So every time when he finish eating take him out and wait till he poop or pee, then reward him.

- I'm recommending to you that even if you have a backyard with grass, that you take him out of the house. With this trick he will know that he is going out for some specific reason (you will see why if you will read onwards)

- don't forget to have treats with you

- if it's possible take him every time to the same place, with the time he will remember what was he doing there, I can't explain otherwise than that dogs are very very smart

- some dogs have also problem that if they are lowered they forget that they need to poop or pee this problems we had with our dog Porcha so at the beginning make sure that they are bound with this they will also learn how they need to walk on leash.

So I guarantee to you that if you will practice this day by day and you will have patience you can not do anything wrong and you will be successful with you potty training. 

You just can't forget some little things that at the first sight that might not seen important but then you see that are very very much more than you think important.

If you have problem with time, like you work all day long then I'm recommending to you that please don't get a dog. If you don't have enough time for yourself why you want a dog, you must know that dogs are not just when they are little and cute but they can live for 18 years if not longer.

I also wrote articles how important are training your dog with the treats and that it's so much easier and what you need to know before getting a dog and stuff like that, because if you look closer everything it's connected. And if you fail with one thing, you can fail with everything. In my country we say what Johny learns, John knows if you know what I mean.

I really hope that I helped you with this very important and very requested article. I know that many people can write everything and they can be smart, but trust me I don't believe that one of them have 7 dogs at home and see almost every day so many puppies because if you are new here, my boyfriend's mum owns a dog shelter.

In the next article I will discus how you can deal with your puppy when he want's to chew everything.

Bye, bye till next article.



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